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"I'm LOVING my new Dinair system. It does exactly what it claims - nearly perfect skin with just a few drops of makeup! And it lasts SO long. I wish I had tried it sooner! Thank you so much!"


"I suffer from adolescent and adult acne. However, recently I've began to notice a change :) I have dark scarring on my face and horrible stretch marks on my stomach from a c-section. I have been watching your website and YouTube videos for hours now and I'm so thankful that I have finally found an affordable miracle. Thank you for sharing this with the world for people with imperfections. Caking on foundation just isn't working anymore. Dinair will help me feel beautiful and natural. I am so grateful and wish I didn't have to wait, but it is almost here - I will have my own professional Dinair airbrush kit! I am so happy, if only you truly knew! Xoxo."


"I just finished makeup work in an HD commercial. I could not have done this without my Dinair system! I did makeup on close to two dozen people. Skin tones varied from light to dark, male and female, and multi-cultural. There wasn't anything that my Dinair airbrush makeup could not handle. Thanks again for all your work to make Dinair the quality product line for the digital HD world."


"I have been in love with my Dinair system since my first purchase approximately two years ago. I love their customer service and I hardly have to wait to talk to someone when I call. I am a distributor for Dinair and I am always promoting this product! I will definitely continue to 'spray it beautiful!'"

Antoinette A

"I have been a Dinair fan since 2000 when I purchased my first (of three) pro kits. I went from a regular makeup artist into an elite niche in the industry. I actually started my business, www.airbrushtouch.com, 11 years ago, because of Dinair's amazing ability to give every woman gorgeous looking skin, on and off camera. The quality of the makeup is unsurpassed and the durability of the compressors is solid. Even after 12 years, they still work beautifully, flawlessly and perfectly. I have continued to grow within the bridal, media and editorial makeup industry and moved my business from California to Atlanta in 2007 without losing momentum. I know I wouldn't have a successful business if it weren't for Dinair! I'm a walking billboard for airbrush makeup and I absolutely love it."

Christina K

"I recently received my Dinair airbrush system and makeup. I absolutely LOVE Dinair! Customer service was excellent in quickly responding to my concerns and questions. They've made my purchases so enjoyable and smooth that I'll never shop elsewhere for my makeup needs. Thanks so much Dinair for helping to keep me beautiful!"

Patricia T

"I can't wait to start using my airbrush. I felt so privileged having my face done by Dina. I never thought that there would be a makeup to cover-up my flaws. Dina was able to take 10 years off of my face. That was the best experience ever - I can't stop talking about it! You guys are awesome!"

Karen F

"Your service is excellent. Thank you for providing customer service in Spanish. Special thanks to Gia, Tatiana and all others who assisted me in Spanish. The attention given to my concerns and requests was fast and excellent. What I liked the most is Dinair's flexibility and always understanding and complying with my needs. This is wonderful! Also, the quality of your products is excellent. I love Dinair!"

"El servicio en Dinair es excelente. Gracias por brindar servicio en español. Gracias a Gia, Tatiana y a todas las que me han asisitido en español. Su servicio es excelente y rápido. Lo más que me gusta es que entienden y se ajustan a las necesidades del cliente. La calidad de los productos es excelente. Amo Dinair. Gracias."

Edith M

"I LOVE my product! It came in three days and everything was in wonderful condition, surpassing my expectations! At first I thought the shades I ordered were darker than shown on the website, but they're actually much more accurate once applied. I feel like my kit came with a ton of stuff and I'm practically giddy! Thanks again for the wonderful service and product quality! I'll be recommending Dinair to everyone I know!"

Rachel L

"I met Dina at the Image Expo Show in Houston, what a nice person! I taught two wedding makeup classes and she hooked me up with one of her airbrush kits and the makeup turned out beautifully. I am now a Dinar user! I am working on a film right now and I am using her product on set. It's so portable and easy to use. It lasts all day onset without having to apply powder! Amazing! Thank you Dina."

Kat B

"I got my kit a few days ago. After watching the DVD, I did a couple of test sprays on paper. My first application of foundation and blush turned out to be complete perfection! Dinair is SO easy and fast, it will make you look beautiful! I bet I could sell hundreds of kits if I sat at a mall and did makeup demonstrations! Seriously, I'm so impressed. Thank you Dinair!"

Robin P

"Dinair opened my eyes to a whole new way of doing makeup. I have tried other airbrush makeup lines and none stand up to the quality of Dinair. I would recommend Dinair airbrush makeup and products to anyone who wants the very best."


"I really love my Dinair machine and I feel beautiful with my makeup. I've got the brows and eyeliner looking better every day. I want to thank you for all of your help. I love this product!"


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